Information for entrants to the Ukrainian universities

Instructions to study in Ukraine

1. Registration and study in an accredited program in Hamah accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Palestinian higher education.

2. Attendance throughout the period necessary to obtain the certificate.

3. Obtained prior to the Palestinian General Secondary School Certificate or equivalent at least 65%, to be agreed with the branch specialization (science section) to study the different kinds of medicine, pharmacy, engineering.

4. Preparatory study for a full academic year before joining the specialization to master the local language of that State if they study a language other than Arabic and English. The student to spend this year in the country of study.

5. Study English in the countries of the Soviet Union is not recognized in ministry, even if the university system allows it.

6. Do not accept the study of individual and intensive (ie, a study two years enacted one).

7. Not recognized for the purposes of the equivalence of degrees in medicine or dentistry, but university programs integrated, as it may not be the graduates of community colleges and non-Palestinian Palestinian completion of university studies for a degree in these majors.

8. In the case of transfer students from one university to another for him to study at the university, which will graduate from a period of not less than three years of General Practice, and a period of not less than two seminars in other disciplines.

9. In the case of the transition from university to university that the student must submit transcripts from the university the first detailed and duly certified and showing the cause of the transition.

10. Undergraduate program in the republics of the former Soviet Union does not achieve the conditions and the equation of certificates required to offset the first place after a diploma – Master (Diploma-Master).


1. After graduating student has to the ratification of all documents and certificates from the university and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State and then Kulstinih from the embassy in the country of study and that before coming home.

2. The student also retain all passports used during the study period.

3. The ministry is not equivalent to the certificates that are obtained through the association.

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