Embassy of Palestine honors the 63rd Anniversary of Nakba

The Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine set up the exhibition dedicated to the 63rdAnniversary of Nakba. It was held in the Ukrainian House in Kyiv in cooperation with the Arab House and the Palestinian Community in Ukraine. Among the participants there were the ambassadors of the Arab countries accredited in Ukraine, a number of the ambassadors and the representatives of other foreign embassies, Ukrainian governmental institutions, religious and social organizations, as well as the members of Arab and Palestinian Communities.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony His Excellency the Ambassador of Palestine was accompanied by the Ambassador of Morocco (Dean of Arab Diplomatic Corps) and the Ambassador of Canada. The Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine Dr. Mohammed Alasaad greeted those present at the opening ceremony on behalf of the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian government, expressed their gratitude for the support to Palestinian people who struggle for their national rights, and claimed the right of Palestinians to have an independent state with the capital in Jerusalem (according to the UN resolutions and International Law).

At the exhibition there were photographs where the authors tried to embody the tragedy of Palestinian people; the walls of discrimination and separation were captured in those pictures. People’s suffering from the occupation was shown on the photos. There were also the pictures of the holy places in Palestine. At the exhibition some of the traditional clothes and handicraft items brought from the Land of Piece were presented.

The Palestinian artist Jamal Badwan presented a number of his paintings, where he embodied the suffering of Palestinian people through different times in history.

There were some booklets about Nakba and Palestine available in Russian and English to all the visitors of the exhibition.

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