Palestinian Culture Day in Ukraine

The Embassy of Palestine inUkraine in cooperation with the Palestinian community in Ukraineand the Arabic House organized the Palestinian Culture Day.

Among the participants of the celebration were Mr. Yasser Mahmoud Abbas, the Minister of Tourism Dr. Khulud Duaibis, First Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture of Ukraine Mr. Timofei Kokhan, a number of the Ambassadors representing Arab and other foreign countries, the representatives of Ukrainian governmental institutions, religious and social organizations, the members of Palestinian and other Arab communities.

During the celebration the Palestinian artist Jamal Badwan presented his painting “Religious tolerance” – the biggest painting in the world.

In his speech the Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Alasaad said: “Palestine is the land of peace, rich culture and history, which were reflected in last year’s celebrations dedicated to the 1000 years Anniversary of the foundation of the oldest city in the world – Palestinian city Jericho. Every single place in Palestine is considered to be a part of the cultural and historical heritage not only for Palestinian people, but for the whole human civilization. History testifies to warm relations between Ukraine and Palestine and this country’s support for the national rights of the Palestinian people. The greatness of these relations is embodied in the outstanding masterpiece of the Ukrainian artist of Palestinian origin Jamal Badwan”. His Excellency the Ambassador expressed his gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the Palestinian Culture Day, which was held in Ukraine for the first time.

The program of the event included the performances of Palestinian and Ukrainian artists. Among them Palestinian dance group, who came from the Land of Peace to perform at the Culture Day. The audience admired all the Palestinian folk dances they performed. A number of groups of Ukrainian artists including children also performed at the event. Everyone had a chance to see the Palestinian traditional clothes, showed during the celebration.

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