The visit of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine to Ukraine ended successfully

The visit of the Palestinian delegation headed by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine Dr. Khulud Daibes concluded. The program of the visit included a number of seminars and meetings with Ukrainian tour operators from the governmental and private sectors. Among the members of Palestinian delegation were Mr. Jiries Qumsieh – the Director of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine, the representatives of the private travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, companies which provide guide services, and owners of the Eastern souvenirs shops. During her visit Mrs. Daibes met her Ukrainian colleague Mr. Mykhailo Kulyniak – the Minister of Culture of Ukraine. At the meeting Mr. Tymophiy Kokhan – Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine, and Dr. Mohammed Alasaad – Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine were present.

The Minister Mrs. Daibes expressed her appreciation for the warm welcome and Ukrainian hospitality. During the meeting some topical questions were discussed, among them development of tourism in Palestine, Ministry programs concerning advertising and promoting of tours to Palestine on the international market, as well as the participation of the Palestinian tourism organizations in the international exhibitions.

Among other things the ways of development of the bilateral relations in the sphere of tourism betweenPalestine and Ukraine were discussed. This discussion included the questions of experience sharing and organization of the Palestinian-Ukrainian seminars. Mrs. Daibes invited the Minister of Culture of Ukraine to visit Palestine with the delegation of the representatives of the Ukrainian tourism companies to strengthen tourism ties and familiarize both sides with the possible areas of cooperation to establish the flow of tourists and pilgrims to the Land of Peace.

Madam Minister accompanied by the delegation visited the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra , where she met with the Bishop Ilariy Makarov who expressed willingness to cooperate with private tourism companies inPalestine and to encourage tourists and pilgrims to visit the Palestinian cities and live in Palestinian hotels.

In order to encourage Muslim pilgrimage from Ukraine toPalestine, Mrs. Minister of Tourism and Antiquities visited the mosque, Islamic cultural center, the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine as well as the headquarters of the Islamic organization “Alraid”. During this visits the ways to encourage Muslims of Ukraine to visitPalestine were discussed.

In the main office of the Arab House in the Kyiv University Mrs. Daibez met Dr. Salah Zakut – the head of the Arab House, the representatives of this institution, leaders and representatives of Arab communities in Kyiv. Among other things, there was a discussion of the situation in Palestine, changes in the tourism sector and the role of the Ministry in the advancement of this important sector of the economy through infrastructure development and restoration of historical monuments, as well as promoting the Palestinian tourist product on world markets, development of private tourism sector in Palestine and finding new sources of investments.

The Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine organized a press-conference at the “Interfax-Ukraine”, where the representatives of over 20 news agencies and newspapers had a chance to ask Mrs. Daibez about tourism in Palestine, the most interesting spots for recreation and pilgrimage. Mrs. Daibez spoke of the favorable social climate in Palestine as one of the important components of tourism sector. The models and programs of tourism development in Palestinewere also discussed at the press-conference.

Mrs. Daibez also spoke of the positive changes in tourism business in Palestine, including the projects of investments into hotel, resort and restaurant business. The Minister also confirmed the readiness ofPalestine to meet tourist and pilgrimage delegations from all over the world. She reminded everyone thatPalestine had been one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations and the representatives of the three Abrahamic religions had been visiting Palestine for many years.

Madam Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and the Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine answered various questions concerning Palestine and tourism in this country during the press-conference. This event reflected the importance of promoting Palestinian tourism product through the Ukrainian media, as well as the Palestinian-Ukrainian cooperation in tourism business and organization of promotional tours to Palestinefor the Ukrainian travel agencies representatives.

The Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine Dr. Mohamed Alasaad in honor of the visit of Mrs. Daibez held a dinner for the ambassadors of Arab countries accredited in Ukraine. Madam Minister also met with the members of Palestinian Community in Kyiv at the Embassy of Palestine.

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine in cooperation with the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraineorganized a seminar for the visitors to explore opportunities of tourism in Palestine. This seminar was attended by representatives of Ukrainian travel agencies, pilgrimage organizers, the representatives of media and advertising companies who specialize in tourism advertising. Among the visitors there also were the Palestinian delegation of the tourism companies and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities representatives, Dr. Khulud Daibez accompanied by Mr. Nidal El Kottob – Counselor of the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine, and Mr. Jiries Qumsieh – the Director of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine. They also visited the Parliament and met with Yevhen Dobriak – the head of the Group on the Inter-Parliamentary Liaison with Palestine, and the representative of the group Abdul-Wahab Dervish.

At the end of her visit to Ukraine Mrs. Daibez, Mr. Yasser Abbas, the Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraineand the Palestinian artist Jamal Badwan visited Palestinian Culture Day. The celebration was organized by the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine. It included folk groups performances and the presentation of the largest painting in the world registered in the Guinness Book of Records. The author Jamal Badwan portrayed the sacred city of Jerusalem and embodied the tolerance between religions in his painting.

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