Folk dance group “Fununiyat” ends its tour to Ukraine

Folk dance dabke group “Fununiyat” visited Ukraine with a week-long tour, during their tour the dancers participated in the celebration of the Culture Day of Palestine.

Folk group “Fununiyat” came toUkraine from Ramallah and Al Bireh governorate in Palestine to give several dance performances, they also participated in the presentation of the largest painting in the world by Jamal Badwan – Ukrainian citizen of Palestinian origin. At the presentation were the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine Dr. Khulud Daibez, the ambassadors of Palestine to Ukraine and Russia – Mohamed Alasaad and Faid Mustafa, the ambassadors of other Arab and Western countries, hundreds of Ukrainian visitors and representatives of Palestinian and other Arab Communities, as well as the representatives of Ukrainian politics and culture.

The dance program of the folk group included nine Palestinian dances, which were greeted warmly by the audience.

The purpose of the dance tours to other countries is to spread Palestinian culture and spiritual heritage around the world. It is especially important for Palestine because the Israelis are trying to destroy or conceal the cultural heritage of Palestinian people.

Moataz Kraosh – the manager of the group – considers the question of cultural heritage to be very important for every nation, especially when it comes to self-identification among other nations and cultural values preservation. In this context Mr. Kraosh stresses upon the need to preserve the cultural heritage of the Palestinian people.

Mr. Kraosh expressed his gratitude to the Palestinian Community in Ukraine, His Excellency Dr. Alasaad and the Alumni Association in Ukraine, who assisted the tour of the dance group, provided the dancers with everything they needed. In Mr. Kraosh’s opinion this help contributed to the process of the national goals fulfillment.

The group “Fununiyat” was founded in 2002 by the enthusiasts who managed to combine traditional and modern dance styles. Inspired by the Palestinian folklore they organize various performances.

Folk dance dabke group “Fununiyat” had visited Russia, Hungary, Yemen, Jordan and Sweden serving their noble purpose of spreading the Palestinian culture in the world.

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