Ambassador of Palestine Dr. Mohammed Alasaad meets the Special Representative of Ukraine for the Middle East and Africa Yevhen Mykytenko

Ambassador of Palestine Dr. Mohammed Alasaad met the Special Representative of Ukraine for the Middle East and Africa Yevhen Mykytenko. The meeting was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The meeting was attended by the Assistant of Mykytenko Maxim Subkh, Oleg Lypskyi (Middle East Department) and the Consul Dawood Jalloud. The interlocutors discussed the wide range of bilateral agenda issues and exchanged views regarding current process in the Middle East region. Development of the legal base of bilateral cooperation and exchange of high level visits were also discussed during the meeting.

Mr. Ambassador Mohammed Alasaad briefed in detail on the political position of Palestine and informed Mykytenko about the latest stage of Palestinian-Israeli negotiation process. He also informed about the letter sent to Netaniahu from the President Mahmoud Abbas. This letter was sent in order to remind the Israeli government about its responsibilities and the necessity of following the international resolutions adopted by the Security Council and which are aimed at the establishment of an independent state of Palestine and at the achievement of peace in the region. Mykytenko confirmed the depth of the friendly relations between both countries and the Ukrainian support of the rights of Palestinians.

The interloctours stressed the importance of intensification of the cooperation in tourism field. The number of Ukrainian tourists that visited Palestine last year increased by 30%. The also discussed further strengthening of cooperation in educational sphere. Currently, more than 1000 Palestinian students are studying in Ukraine.

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