Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine meets the representatives of Palestinian and other Arab communities in Kharkiv

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Palestine to Ukraine accompanied by the Counselor of the Embassy Sami Mehanna visited Kharkiv where he met with the representatives of Palestinian community in Ukraine and the members of other Arab communities within the framework for cooperation between them and the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine.

The dinner given in the honor of His Excellency was attended by the representatives of Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Iraqi and Egyptian communities, as well as some Kharkiv businessmen.

During the meeting Mr. Ambassador touched upon the latest political developments in the world, including the appeal of the Palestinian leadership to the UN. His Excellency explained the importance of this step especially considering Israeli rejection policy towards the Palestinian people and their continuing settlement construction. Dr. Alasaad reminded everyone of the recent changes in the Arab world, expressing his hope for peace and stability in the region in the nearest future.

In order to create a single opinion on this problem, which would coincide with the national position, Dr. Mohammed Alasaad explained which interests Palestine has in that issue and what kind of short- and long-term results it would cause.

During the meeting the Ambassador of Palestine in Ukraine also explained how risky the policy of Israel is, as it doesn’t contribute to the cooperation between Palestine and Israel in the least. Mr. Ambassador stated that what is going on now (in particular continuing settlements construction) is a unilateral policy which violates the national rights of Palestinian people.

Doctor Mohammed Alasaad confirmed the common Palestinian position on the issue of Israel’s policy which works against all the intentions to establish peace in the Arab region and in the world, which violates international initiatives “Arab peace” and “Road map”. Mr. Ambassador stated that in order to succeed in the struggle against this policy Palestinian people should stay united.

Mr. Ambassador spoke highly of the part which the Palestinian community plays in strengthening Ukrainian-Palestinian relations, he noted that Ukrainian people have been constantly supporting Palestinians. The Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine Dr. Mohammed Alasaad on behalf of the Palestinian leadership renewed assurances of their highest consideration to the Ukrainian government, the President of Ukraine, and Ukrainian people for their constant support to the Palestinians in their just struggle for independence.

At the end of the meeting His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Alasaad expressed his gratitude to engineer Samir Hamza Bilal for organizing this warm reception. Mr. Ambassador also invited everyone to visit the General Assembly of the Palestinian community of Kharkiv, where he promised to be personally present. Mr. Ambassador also promised his support before the official authorities of Ukraine as the sign of the brotherhood in the Palestinian community.

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