Ambassador of Palestine Mohammed Alassad visits the Crimea

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Palestine to UkraineDoctor Mohammed Alasaad accompanied by the Counselor of the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine Sami Mehanna visited the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. This visit was one of the steps which the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine has taken to gain support for the Palestinian leaders’ appeal to the UN in September.

At the beginning of the visit His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Alasaad had a meeting with the rector of the Crimea State Medical University, where they had a chance to discuss studying of Palestinian students in the University and other issues related to that topic. Mr. Ambassador mentioned that high standards set in the University have a great positive influence on the future of the Palestinian students, who will become the nucleus of the independent state. During the meeting Dr. Mohammed Alassad asked for discounts on the University fees for Palestinians who study there.

In turn the rector of the Crimea State Medical University expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine for His Excellency’s visit. He assured everyone of the positive impact of this meeting on the future cooperation between the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine and the University. He also made a promise to do all in his power to provide the Palestinian students with whatever they need.

During the visit to the Crimea Mr. Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine Dr. Mohammed Alasaad also met with Mr. Mustafa Jemilev – the Chairman of Crimean Tatar Mejlis and the People’s deputy of Ukraine. His Excellency spoke of the latest political developments in the world as well as of the Palestinian government’s intention to appeal for the UN recognition of Palestine in September. Mr. Jemilev expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian leadership and the people of Palestine. He also promised his support to the Palestinian cause during Mahmoud Abbas’ address on the UN General Assembly in September.

On the next stop in His Excellency’s program Dr. Mohammed Alasaad met with the Grand Mufti of Crimea. During the meeting they discussed the life of Muslims and Arab communities in Ukraine. They also stopped on the question of the Israeli excavations under the Al-Aqsa mosque, problems of Palestinian people, both Christian and Muslim, the ways of preventing Judaization and native population relocation inJerusalem.

The Grand Mufti condemned Israeli activities in the sacred Al-Aqsa mosque. He also expressed his solidarity with the people of Palestine and their struggle against the Israeli occupation on behalf of all the Muslims of the Crimea. The Grand Mufti reminded of the meaning of Jerusalem to all the Muslims as it has been the center of the Islamic culture for many centuries. He expressed his sincere hope that this Holy city will become the capital of the Independent Palestine and this way will be returned to millions of Muslims in the world.

During his trip to the Crimea Mr. Ambassador also visited some social non-governmental organizations. Among them Islamic culture center in Simferopol subordinated to the Association of social organizations “Al-Raid”, where His Excellency noted that such organizations play a great part in strengthening positions of Arab community in Ukrainian society.

Dr. Mohammed Alasaad met with more than 70 representatives of the Palestinian community and some leaders of other Arab communities who attended the meeting (Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese communities’ representatives). During the meeting Mr. Ambassador talked of the latest political developments in the world and of the importance of the Palestinian appeal to the UN for recognition and independence. Dr. Alasaad mentioned that membership in the UN will be the first step of Palestinian people on the way to the official recognition of the State of Palestine.

After the discussion Dr. Mohammed Alasaad on behalf of the Palestinian leadership expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian government and people who have always been supportive of the Palestinians.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Ambassador of Palestine suggested answering the questions of those who came to the meeting. The present were glad to get the answers to all the questions they were interested in. At last Dr. Alasaad expressed his appreciation to all who came for their warm welcome and invited everyone to visit the General Assembly of the Palestinian community of the Crimea leadership, where he promised to be personally present. Mr. Ambassador also promised his support before the official authorities of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the delegation was accompanied by several Palestinian businessmen – Munir Zakut, Khaled Abu-Hazla, Dia Al-Kaud and Rami Mehanna.

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