Palestinian children visited International summer camp “Artek” in Ukraine

From Jule 18 till August 4, 2011 the delegation of Palestinian children visited International summer camp “Artek” which is situated in the Crimean peninsula. The delegation headed by Dr. Abd-Arrahman Naiirat, included 10 children – 4 girls and 6 boys. Upon their arrival the Ambassador of Palestine toUkraine called them to make sure they had everything they needed. In turn the Counselor of the Embassy Mr. Dawood Jalloud personally arrived at the camp, bringing greetings and gratitude on behalf of the Ambassador of Palestine Dr. Mohammed Alasaad to those who helped to organize Palestinian delegation visit. Mr. Jalloud also met with the children and took part in the opening of the Palestinian Day in “Artek”. The program of the Palestinian Day included the exhibition of the Palestinian traditional items, as well as the dabka performance, given by the children. The representatives of other countries were presented with some souvenir scarves and little gifts to remind them of Palestine and Palestinian culture.

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